Work package description
Work package number and title: WP2 Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy of Modern Materials.


The workshop is intended to advance the spectroscopic measurement techniques (optical, nonlinear optics, magnetic resonances and electrical transport) of modern materials (semiconductor, semiconductor quantum structures and insulators) through lectures, discussion, and exchange of new ideas.

Description of the contents:

Two workshops will be organized:
1. in September 2003,
2. in September 2005.

Topics of the planned workshops will include spectroscopy of rare earth and transition metal ions, spectroscopy of new laser materials and photonic structures, including new blue- and white light emiting wide-gap semiconductor materials, spectroscopy of nonlinear optical materials, UV and synchrotron spectroscopy, spectroscopy of dopants and defects in solid state modern materials, novel instrumental techniques, thin films, low-dimensional systems, scintillators, phosphors, photorefractives, laser materials.

  • a 3 day long workshop held in Warsaw.
  • About 25 invited speakers chosen from leading experts from EC
  • Approximately 80 - 100 participants.
  • Apart from invited talks there are to be contributed presentations in the poster and/or oral form.
  • Proceedings published as a special volume of internationally recognized journal.
Persons responsible in the Centre: Profs. Marek Godlewski, Andrzej Suchocki, and Adrian Kozanecki.