Educational tasks
The Centre pays considerable attention to its educational tasks. The program of education in physics at university level is now carried out in close cooperation with the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry of the Cardinal St. Wyszynski University. The role of the institute is also to provide teaching staff and supervise work on BSc and MSc theses prepared by university students. The students can then join postgraduate studies at the Centre to receive a PhD Degree.

Apart from teaching at the university level, the Centre pays special attention to popularisation of physics targeted at secondary schools pupils. The most important activities in this field include:

  • Popular lectures on the most interesting problems in physics, organised on a regular basis. The lectures cover such areas as laser physics and superconductivity, but also the physics of sport, the application of modern physical methods in studies of Arts objects, archaeology etc., and are given by leading scientists, mainly from the Institute.
  • Organisation of demonstration-lessons directly in our research labs, for smaller groups numbering about 15 participants, aimed at live presentation of the possibilities of the most recent experimental methods. There are approximately 150 such lessons a year.
  • In the year 2002 there were more than 4000 participants taking part in these two major activities. This is considered to be a great success of our initiative and a very important contribution to the general education in physics and in its applications in high technology and other fields of human activity.

 Experimental set-up for holographic recording.

 Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Systems.