Training possibility
The ASPECT Centre of Excellence offers training in advanced spectroscopy techniques for PhD students and scientists at postdoctoral level from European Community countries as well as from newly associated states (NAS).

Offer is valid in a period of September 2003 - November 2005.

The Centre offers:

  • for PhD students: 1 - 6 month training at the Centre.
  • for postdoctoral candidates: 1 - 3 month training at the Centre.
Documents required:
  1. CV,
  2. a letter of recommendation from a supervisor or a group leader,
Accepted candidates will receive a limited reimbursement (up to 500 Euro) of travel expenses and a monthly salary sufficient to cover local accomodation and living expenses.

For more information, please contact the Centre co-ordinators >>

 Experimental set-up for holographic recording.

 Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Systems.