General information
The main purpose of the ASPECT Centre of Excellence is tightening the existing links with other European Centres and establishing new links for better integration of research work conducted in the Centre with European research and development activity. This will be done by exchange of scientists between the ASPECT Centre and European institutes and universities, organisation of international workshops and training of young scientists in applications of advanced spectroscopy techniques in diverse fields of natural sciences.

The key objectives of the Centre are:

  1. integration of researchers from different areas of spectroscopy around important interdisciplinary problems of natural sciences,
  2. to reinforce the quality of research using advanced spectroscopy through increased co-operation with European laboratories and to increase its interdisciplinary character,
  3. to attract and train young researchers in the field of advanced spectroscopic methods and their applications,
  4. dissemination of knowledge through organisation of workshops and exchange of information.
The Work Plan consists of 8 workpackages. Three of them (WP1, WP2, WP5) are workshops (5 altogether) to be organised by the Centre. Training of young scientists and PhD students will be done within the framework of the workpackage WP3. The purpose of the WP4 and WP6 workpackages is exchange of scientists, strengthening of cooperation, animation of interaction and twinning arrangements with EU centres. The WP7 workpackage is thought about improvement of internal computer networking in the Centre, purchasing of software licenses, access to on-line journals an databases for the purpose of training and exchange of information. Finally, a lot of attention will be paid to promotion of the Centre activity, dissemination of results and flexible and cost-effective coordination of the Centre (WP8 package).

The Institute of Physics is an equal opportunity institution offering equal rights of employment, salary and social rights for its employees and PhD students.

 Experimental set-up for holographic recording.

 Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Systems.