Work plan
The work plan of the Centre consists of five major categories of measures:
  1. Statutory activity - research in spectroscopy of condensed matter, isolated atomic and molecular systems, characterisation of materials including low dimensional structures, nanomaterials, photonic structures, chaotic systems, microscopic characterisation of solid and biological species, and theoretical studies. Statutory activity is financed from the budget of the Institute of Physics, in fact, financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research - the Ministry, which supports scientific institutions in Poland from the appropriate allocation in the state budget.
  2. Organisation of specialised workshops.
  3. Human mobility - short and long-term research visits to and out of the Centre aiming at strengthening scientific collaboration and integration of the Centre with leading European research institutions. It is planned that visitors to the Centre will present lectures and seminars concerning their research activities and new trends in their fields of research. Young researches coming to the Centre for longer periods will be trained to achieve proficiency in several unique experimental techniques developed in the Institute of Physics.
  4. Educational tasks aimed at training of young scientists.
  5. Joining into research projects and networks of excellences in the 6th Framework Programme.

 Work package list
WP1 >> Workshop on Structure and Function of Biomolecules
WP2 >> Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy of Novel Materials
WP3 >> Training of young scientists in advanced spectroscopic techni-ques and their applications - collaboration with European Centres
WP4 >> Animation of interaction and co-operation in advanced studies of new materials and structures with leading European Centres
WP5 >> Workshop on Quantum Chaos and Localisation Phenomena
WP6 >> Strengthening of co-operation with European Centres on studies of atmospheric pollution, biological and complex systems
WP7 >> Improvement of the computer network for rapid data transfer and access to the internet
WP8 >> Coordination of the Centre activity, promotion, and dissemination of results

 Experimental set-up for holographic recording.

 Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Systems.